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anyone can whistle - a creative laboratory

a bit of background and the general idea

Before we talk, we sing. As soon as we stand, we dance. Before we write, we draw.  We are born with an innate desire and ability to make, create. Although it’s in our DNA many of us believe ourselves to be unfit, incapable of these“rarified” activities that only “real” artists can do, using their magic voodoo powers!

Maybe you've told yourself - “I have two left feet!” “On a good day I'm lucky if I can draw a stick figure!” “Happy no one can hear me singing in the shower!” Maybe you wonder what happened to the little child who got up and just had to dance to the music, arms outstretched. What about the teenager who loved to write stories and doodle fantastical drawings by the hour? Where are they now?


Or perhaps you self-identify of an artist (no matter the medium) and want to add bit of spark to your practice. Maybe you are just a curious soul who has always wanted to explore their creative side (and believe me, we all have them).

No matter who you are, “Anyone Can Whistle” (from the musical of the same name by Steven Sondheim) is a creativity laboratory that could help you unlock/rediscover/ignite the creative.


Facilitated and led by me, this lab (inspired by a course I taught at Red Deer College) explores the disciplines of writing, sound-making, movement, visual expression and theatre and their inter-connectivity,  through a series of adventurous hands-on exercises, over the course of four months.  

I have adjusted the curriculum so that the core elements are easily adapted to a variety of settings and time-frames; A stripped down version that would provide a sampling in a day-long session, or that could be expanded to an intense long-weekend of exploration or even spread out over a number of weeks for a more in-depth look at the subject.

In a nutshell, the lab has you make art (as described above) through active, experiential exercises, discussions and examples. Each module encourages and inspires and is designed to maximize creative sparking while helping you find and re-kindle your creative spirit.

an invitation to the p-arty

If any of the above is exciting something in you, I invite you to contact me with an eye to having me put together a Creative Laboratory just for you! 


You could be members of the same arts group, like a choir or a pottery club, a community group with the idea of creating an interesting and informative experience for your members.


Maybe you are a small business, interesting in igniting creative ways to build your team and invigorate your work environment!  You could be a youth group or a seniors group, a LGBTQ after-school group…whatever.

Go to the "a way to get at me" page, and, well, get at me! Happy creating.

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